b. 1963

By its very nature, sculpture suggests form. To experience the bronze figurative sculpture of Vietnamese American artist, Tuan, is to experience the human form glorified in bronze with masterful precision. However, the true uniqueness of his style is not only in the expression of human beauty but also in his ability to infuse physical form with an almost divine sense of weightlessness.


Tuan’s artwork radiates peace and serenity through graceful lines and rhythmic compositions. He glorifies both the human body and spirit, exalting the invigorating experience of life. Tuan infuses his sculpture with a celestial beauty that carries his human figures beyond earthly existence and into the realm of the heavenly in a quiet celebration of life. Modeled in clay and cast in bronze, Tuan’s sculptures appear to be magically suspended like winged angels.


Equilibrium, the first of Tuan’s works to be released in limited edition is the ideal example of the artist’s talent for combining form with divine sensuality. His image of man and woman reflects the beauty of love and life in a composition that defies gravity and elevates humanity to divine heights.


The serenity and celebration reflected in his work come in striking contradiction to Tuan’s own past. Born in Vietnam in 1963 to an artistic family, Tuan began sculpting at an early age. He experienced the fall of Saigon in 1975, survived a failed escape from his native land in 1987, and eventually escaped to the United States in 1988. Tuan studied at the Art Institute of Southern California in Laguna Beach, CA from 1991-1995.

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