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b. 1958

Tolla Inbar was born in Germany in 1958.  After attending school in Stuttgart, where she concentrated on ceramics and sculpture, she immigrated to Israel.  While passionately pursuing her interests in art and participating in both group and solo exhibitions throughout Israel and Europe, Tolla earned a B.A. in psychology and sociology from Tel Aviv University. Her academic pursuits had a great influence on her creative expression.  She later returned to Tel Aviv University to study modern art and learn the traditions of those before her.


Throughout her career, Tolla’s works have evolved from realistic and figurative to more expressive and semi-abstract forms.   Using the ancient method of bronze casting, Tolla’s work embodies universal questions regarding the reasons for living and the complexity of the universe.  


The suggestion of movement is strikingly present in these inanimate works.  Tolla believes in an individual path that we all must work through in order to reach our spiritual goal.  The soul, she believes, is a reflection of the universe and motivates our inner drive.  Tolla uses the metaphor of climbing on various external props to express this.   The “souls” in these sculptures use stairs, ladders and ropes to fulfill ambitions and aspirations.


Since 1995, Tolla has been working in her unique, naturalistic style, combining wood, metal, glass and bronze to create both maquette and monumental sculptures that delight private and corporate collectors worldwide

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