Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Our November show is a truly special collection in that it highlights beloved Galerie d’Orsay artists while also presenting paintings from the collection of a prominent wealth management company that's asked us to help them place their works. This extraordinary collection features preeminent American Abstract Expressionist artists with star-studded museum credentials. Many of these artists were rubbing shoulders with Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, and Hans Hofmann. We are delighted to be offering our collectors works by these artists!

Abstract Expressionism developed in New York in the 1940s and was the first specifically American movement to achieve international influence and put NYC in the forefront of the western art world. The varied work produced by the Abstract Expressionists resists definition as a cohesive style though has an overt emphasis on color and medium and their incredible capacity, when wielded deftly, to express strong emotion.

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Biala | Blue Venice (1995) | Oil on Canvas | 51 x 38"
Biala | Blue Venice (1995) | Oil on Canvas | 51 x 38"

Janice Biala (1903 – 2000)

One of the few women associated with the New York School, Biala was born in Poland, though lived and painted primarily in Paris and the U.S. She was first known as a representational artist though her later work was influenced by many Abstract Expressionist painters. Biala’s sublime assimilation of the School of Paris and the New York School of Abstract Expressionism highlights color abstraction and gestural simplicity in profound and beautiful ways.

  • Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

  • Carnegie Art Museum, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Musée National d'Arts Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

  • Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.

  • Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY

Stanley Boxer

(1926 – 2000)

Endlessly innovative and with a profound sensitivity to texture, Boxer was a prolific artist across a number of different media. His paintings are abstract compositions notable for their texture and color, in which small gestures are multiplied to form a single entity—almost as if observing cells under a microscope where individual units coalesce into a whole. If there is to be any single, identifiable subject to Boxer’s decidedly abstract works, it is this coming-together of disparate colors, textures, and moods.

  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

  • Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY

  • Tate Gallery, London, England

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Braguin | Untiitled | Oil on Canvas | 48 x 59 1/2"
Braguin | Untiitled | Oil on Canvas | 48 x 59 1/2"

Simeon Braguin

(1907 – 1997)

Born in Ukraine, Braguin and his family fled to New York City during the Russian Revolution. He studied at Columbia University before becoming an accomplished photographer and illustrator, eventually working as the artistic director of Vogue. His paintings feature a unique combination of art and design focusing on geometric shapes with roughly finished and loosely softened edges and no prescribed orientation. Braguin took on Warhol as a disciple in the ‘50s, and one can see in Warhol’s works at that point the influence drawn from Braguin’s playful compositions.

  • Kresge Art Museum, East Lansing, MI

  • Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT

  • Lyman Allyn Art Museum, New London, CT

  • Twentieth Century Foundation Museum, NY

  • Findlay Galleries, Palm Beach, FL

Caporael | 008 (killing pain with whiskey) (2012-2013) | Oil on Linen Board | 12 x 9"
Caporael | 008 (killing pain with whiskey) (2012-2013) | Oil on Linen Board | 12 x 9"

Suzanne Caporael (b. 1949)

Caporael grew up primarily in California with her father, a civil engineer. She went to Otis College for art and developed a style of structural paintings that emphasize her brilliantly quiet and elegant lines and softened colors. She was awarded the National Endowment Grant in painting in 1986 and has been a visiting professor University of California, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco Art Institute.

  • Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA

  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA

  • Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY

Richard Erdman (b. 1952)

Erdman's sculptures express a vitality that transcends their temporality. His inspirations are multi-faceted and varied, but they all express the artist's reference for nature, which crystallized during his childhood in Vermont. After graduating from the University of Vermont, Erdman traveled to Carrara Italy, which is the world's finest source of stone. Whether working in stone, bronze, or steel, Erdman's creative process is a veritable conversation with the medium, suggesting form and essence while listening to and feeling the response.

  • Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT

  • Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, MN

  • Norton Museum of Art, Palm Beach, FL

  • Rockefeller Collection, New York, NY

  • United Nations, New York, NY

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Evans | Canoe & Sailboat (2007) | Oil on Canvas | 26 x 40"