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Reunion: Zupan & Zupan Virtual Artist's Reception with Bruno Zupan

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

“The more imagination we have, the more open doors we leave for ourselves.”

– Bruno Zupan, April 2021

It is Galerie d'Orsay's sincere joy to present our Virtual Collectors’ Reception & Artist Talk with Bruno Zupan — with a special message from Natasha Zupan — for our show REUNION: ZUPAN & ZUPAN, a duo father-daughter exhibition honoring world-renowned artists Bruno Zupan and Natasha Zupan, currently on view at 33 Newbury St!

Bruno Zupan travels to some of the most exquisite places on earth to capture the shimmering light and myriad manifestations of its beauty. His works can be found in many major museums and prestigious private collections around the world. In autumn 2019, the Boston Public Library added one of Bruno’s large-scale Boston scenes to their permanent collection. It hangs very prominently just inside the main entrance on Boylston Street, practically straddling the Boston Marathon finish line — a place of pride, emotion, and strength for so many of us. It is momentous to see Bruno’s painting reside permanently in a collection alongside John Singer Sargent, Mary Cassatt, Albrecht Dürer, Toulouse-Lautrec, and other art world icons.

We've recorded our talk with Bruno for those unable to attend our live event below.

Bruno Zupan in Reunion: Zupan & Zupan Virtual Reception:

“Art is like a disciplined soldier fighting against melancholy.”

– Bruno Zupan, 2019

Yale-educated and internationally acclaimed artist Natasha Zupan possesses a visionary’s eye for technique and texture using fabrics, pigments, gold, wax, and thick, lush strokes of oil paint. Her most recent body of work explores the manipulation of surface texture, light, and the interweaving of time. Her paintings hang in prominent collections worldwide including the Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Family Collection, the Swarovski Family Collection, the fashion designer Zang Toi among many more. We recently had Natasha join us for an Artist's Reception for our 2020 Women in Art show. Take a peek at that event below:

Natasha Zupan in Women in Art Virtual Reception:

Inspired by the shimmering light of the Mediterranean and the rich textures and colors of Mallorca, Bruno & Natasha have each produced spirited bodies of work for their first joint show in over three years. As the world slowly begins to emerge from a particularly long time apart, join us in celebrating another kind of REUNION at Galerie d’Orsay!

“The Energy lasts forever. If it is done properly, it never dies.”

– Bruno Zupan, April 2021

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