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Ken Salaz: On Walden Pond + Video

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Galerie d’Orsay is thrilled to announce a new exhibition of works by Native American realist landscape artist Ken Salaz, celebrating the serenity and sublime beauty of our local Walden Pond. The exhibition opens to the public on July 15th at 33 Newbury Street, Boston, and will be on view through August 5th.

Ken Salaz, Mystic Sunrise, Walden Pond, Oil on Linene, 36 x 48"
Ken Salaz, Mystic Sunrise, Walden Pond, Oil on Linene, 36 x 48"

Ken Salaz’s landscape paintings show us a diverse flexibility of expression. Salaz believes the earth is a gift and this reverence for nature is deeply ingrained in his Native American heritage. His artistic background in traditional Old Master techniques combined with his strong spiritual connection with the land he paints lays the groundwork for a powerful poetic dualism. Salaz offers the viewer a way of experiencing Nature that is full of gratitude — the world around us is truly a place to rejoice. He shares his unique vision of Walden Pond in this summer collection, and it is irresistible in its sincerity.

“I feel it is imperative to the world and humanity today to create without apology artwork that strives toward harmony, truth, and beauty. To obtain this, I approach each canvas with the Heart of a Poet, the Mind of a Philosopher, the Hands of a Surgeon, and the Vision of an Eagle.”

– Ken Salaz

What is so compelling about Kenneth Salaz’s paintings is not only the profound mastery of technique – the comprehension of light, color, the ability to harness the fleeting quality of nature itself – but also the passion for the history of naturalism and transcendentalism that flourishes in Walden Pond and its surrounds.

– Kristine Feeks Hammond, Co-Director, Galerie d’Orsay

We'd also love to share with our collectors a short film for which Ken offers us an intimate behind-the-scenes look as he finds inspiration for his painting "The Eternal Now" at St. Mary's Lake in northern Montana near the Canadian Border. Enjoy!

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