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Introducing landscape artist Ken Salaz

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Galerie d'Orsay is thrilled to introduce our newest artist Ken Salaz!

Artist Salaz painting at Walden Pond
Artist Salaz painting at Walden Pond

Ken Salaz was born in southern California and spent his youth living with his family in Mexico, the Southwest United States, and the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. His ancestral heritage is a rich blend of Native American and Irish. Growing up in these diverse locations, Salaz was constantly inspired to draw the changing landscapes and people of his youth. After scoring a coveted scholarship at Carnegie Mellon, Salaz earned his MFA from Cooper Union. He spent several years traveling through Asia, Central and South America, and Europe painting landscapes and studying the masterworks at many of the great museums.

“I feel it is imperative to the world and humanity today to create without apology artwork that strives toward harmony, truth, and beauty. To obtain this, I approach each canvas with the Heart of a Poet, the Mind of a Philosopher, the Hands of a Surgeon, and the Vision of an Eagle.”

– Ken Salaz

Salaz’s mastery of technique shows a diverse flexibility of expression, allowing him to capture a wide range of light effects. Additionally, his solid background in traditional techniques used by the Old Masters lays the groundwork for him to create works with a unique poetic expression. His artwork is held in numerous prominent collections across the United States and has been featured in notable magazines and publications such as “Fine Art Connoisseur” and “Plein Air.” Salaz is a unique voice emerging from the tonalist tradition and breaking new ground with his own modern voice of Poetic Realism.

Come by 33 Newbury today to see his luminescent landscapes and savor the reverence and awe he holds for the intrinsic power and beauty of nature.

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