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Hisako Kobayashi Interview with Christopher Rothko

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Galerie d'Orsay's Hisako Kobayashi recently sat down with Christopher Rothko for an interview delving into her creative process and inspirations. Their talk offers us insight into Kobayashi's artistic practice and highlights the significance of intuition and introspection in engaging and connecting with her compelling artwork.

Watch the full interview below!

Hisako Kobayashi’s canvases unfold before the viewer like deep pools of water. These paintings embody the mystery of the ocean; somehow familiar, yet beyond the scope of human understanding. Her work invites contemplation and reflection, creating a visual sanctuary that speaks to the sublime in its purest state. Kobayashi’s paintings serve as a form of meditation—for the artist as much as for the viewer.

Hisako Kobayshi's work is currently being featured alongside Elizabeth DaCosta Ahern's and Susan Coley's in The Feminine Sublime up in the gallery through the end of 2023.

The concept of the Feminine Sublime pictures a woman’s art and creativity as the boundless depths of an ocean of feeling; unknowable, and all the more mystifying and enticing for it. Elizabeth DaCosta Ahern, Hisako Kobayashi, and Susan Coley intuitively explore the psychological depths of their inner selves—these oceanic emotions—through their artistic practices. By doing so, they invite us as viewers to journey with them through memory, color, and movement to a deeper understanding of self.

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