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Brush of Giftedness

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Friend of the gallery, teacher, author, and poet, Elizabeth Cantine has just published her newest book, Brush of Giftedness, which was inspired by her visit to Galerie d'Orsay during our vibrant 2019 Center Stage show highlighting Marc Chagall's vibrant and whimsical Le Cirque suite!

Brush of Giftedness by Elizabeth Michele Cantine about Marc Chagall's Cirque Suite.

Brush of Giftedness is a collection of original poems about famous artists and illustrated with painted interpretations of famous artworks by Heidi Dong, a talented artist with autism. Elizabeth embarked on this endeavor with Heidi to show that those with autism, Down syndrome, and other challenges do not need to vocalize — the arts validate their volumes of verses. Elizabeth hopes her poetry will be a means of expression and enrichment for all.

Elizabeth and Heidi wish the world to see the brush of giftedness in everyone!

Dong's joyous interpretation of Chagall's Le Cirque
Dong's joyous interpretation of Chagall's Le Cirque

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Unknown member
Sep 18, 2020

I am so proud of you Liz and Heidi. Such a great book and, hopefully, with this new endeavor

more people will enjoy the book...

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