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Bruno Zupan at the Millennium Gate Museum: 'My Friend the Earth'

Atlanta’s Millennium Gate Museum kicked off its 2023 program with a splendid tribute to Galerie d'Orsay artist Bruno Zupan, honoring him with a solo exhibition that showcased nearly sixty of his stunning oil and watercolor paintings. Visitors to the museum were able to enjoy new masterpieces hanging alongside Zupan artworks on loan from former President Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Rosalynn Carter, The Carter Center, and other prominent private collections.

The exhibition, titled 'My Friend the Earth', displayed Bruno's exquisite impressionist paintings which celebrate the sheer beauty of our planet: from the rugged and rocky shores of Mallorca to the bustling and vibrant streets of Manhattan, from the twinkling evening lights over Venetian canals to the fragrant and lush gardens of Paris. Bruno's lifelong pursuit of light takes visitors on a journey through the beautiful places he visits and lives around the world.

This exhibition was not only a hit with visitors but also received recognition and praise from local publications such as the Atlanta Tribune and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Check out those publications on 'My Friend the Earth' below:

Galerie d'Orsay is thrilled to announce that many of the paintings featured in this museum exhibition have made their way to Boston, where they will be offered exclusively to Galerie d'Orsay collectors as part of our 2023 Zupan & Zupan: Holding Infinity show! Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of this incredible exhibition, and experience the magic of Bruno's art for yourself.

Zupan & Zupan: Holding Infinity is up now at Galerie d'Orsay. Come in to view the show in person or view it digitally here!

Bruno Zupan in his Mallorca Studio, 2023
Bruno Zupan in his Mallorca Studio, 2023

“If it makes you feel good, if you find some poetry, if you find some music, if you even find some beautiful colors, your soul can be pleased.”

– Bruno Zupan, Atlanta Tribune Interview, 2023

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