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As one of the finest artists working in the abstract style today, the aesthetics of Kathy Buist’s work goes far beyond visual appeal. Depicting familiar landscapes of places we’ve visited or places we’ve yet to go, her works appeal not only to the eyes but also to our memories and sense of passing time. There is a universality to her work that charms the color enthusiast and lover of abstract subjects, as well as the more traditional art lover seeking contemplation in an alluring landscape. Buist captures the ethereal atmosphere of her surroundings and the ever-changing light of day. For texture and varying levels of depth, Buist crushes pieces of shell and sand, working it directly into her paints. These natural elements imbue each piece with an organic energy that emanates from the canvas.

"Having lived in New York City for over a decade, my landscapes are of a very different topography. The pieces convey a reverence for the earth, which manifests itself in quite sensual ways. These works play on the elemental values of the sun, water, and morning mist to capture the spirit of each environment. It has been observed that some of my paintings almost impart the aroma of the earth. Each has an underlying sensual quality which will emerge in some surprising manner to reveal the paintings essence. This comes from my intimate relationship with the subject matter. In my paintings, I also explore the transformational qualities of light, using the subtle nuances found in refracted morning, afternoon or evening light to embody a particular moment in time. Perhaps these sensibilities are a result of having grown up on a farm in rural Michigan—and a flower farm, at that.


The landscapes are also somewhat political. They return the viewer to a seemingly lost time in which humans interrelated on more fundamental levels with nature. In addition, they speak to today’s need for increasing environmental awareness, as well as preserving that environment. I have been a resident artist at the Vermont Studio Center and served as a visiting artist at a number of workshops where I taught landscape painting."



Kathy’s work has won praise from The New York Times and has been shown in museums and galleries throughout the country, including the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton, the National Woman’s Museum in Washington, D.C., and the Long Island Art Museum. Kathy has been a resident artist at centers in Vermont and Virginia and her paintings are part of myriad prestigious international private collections. She also has the distinct honor of being part of Who's Who in American Art.

b. 1959

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