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Born in the Catalonia region of Spain, in 1965, Joan Colomer was raised amid the rich artistic heritage of his family and the inspirational landscape tradition immediately surrounding him. Colomer first learned to paint alongside his two brothers under the instruction of their father. Shaped by the pastoral countryside of deep forests and roving hills typical to the Olotina Landscape School founded in the nineteenth century, Colomer is most known for his brilliant vistas capturing complex nuances of light.


After earning his degree in philosophy and letters from the University in Barcelona, he endeavored to focus on painting as he had as a child.  He moved to Madrid, where he resumed his artwork and regularly visited the city's most important museums. He traveled to Holland, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Italy, France, and Thailand. In 1990, he married Dolores Domenech and decided to make Madrid his home. There he attended the Municipal School of Beaux-Arts and began exhibiting his works in Barcelona and Madrid.


"For Colomer, painting is primal; it is an innate force within him. As he states, he lives to paint." His paintings are bold and fresh, a true synthesis of technique and vision.  "Slowly, one color calls another; it’s nearly a question of obedience. I can't force harmonies. They just flow from my hand," Colomer says. His paintings are a piece of life, and as life has its own bitterness and sweetness, so does his work. Colomer continues to capture our imagination by bewitching us with a mastery of the majestic and a refinement of the precise. He captures a timelessness that is reminiscent of a bygone era.


In 1993, he moved to the countryside where he now resides with his wife and two children.

b. 1965

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