Jessica Cook is a Native American artist born on an Indian reservation.  When Jess was two years old, she was taken from the reservation and placed in a series of foster homes until she was eighteen.  She discovered her artistic talent when she picked up her first pencil and found through her youthful drawings a channel for expressing herself and escaping her difficult environment. 


Her skills as a portrait artist were learned at a very young age, as she spent countless hours drawing the exotic faces of people from far and distant places that she discovered on the pages of National Geographic magazines.


Through her talent and dedication, and as she grew into adulthood, Jess's work came to the attention of a wide audience.   Today, her portraits appear in diverse venues, including a  United States Embassy, and the homes and halls of nationally known entertainers, executives and multi-national companies.  Jess has also raised significant sums by donating her art to various charitable organizations.


Jess works in charcoal, pastels, and ink, with an unsurpassed attention to detail and ability to capture every wisp of a subject's hair, that special glint in someone's eyes, and the finest of lines and character on a person's face.  It is her unique ability to bring a person to life through her art that makes Jess's work so unique.

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