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1872 – 1937

Many well-known painters took part in the Exhibition of French and Foreign Art Posters which was held in 1896 at Cirque de Reims. In it, the public discovered the poster that Jane Atché made for Job cigarette papers, whose markedly Art Nouveau style preceded the two posters produced by Mucha for the same brand. The work showed a certain female freedom, and the fame of the illustrator, then aged 24, was instant.


The medallion Méditation, lithographed in black and white, which she presented at the 1897 Salon was similar to the poster titled Têtes Byzantines which Mucha produced that same year. The two artists were close, working with identical media and both producing advertisements. J. Atché made decorative panels: Le Gui et le Houx, in 1898, La Femme aux pavots in 1899, and La Cigarette et l’Éventail shown at the 1903 Salon. She designed menus for Désiles wines and the Café de Paris, on the Avenue de l’Opéra, illustrated scores for Durand & Fils, and produced publicity posters for Vincent chocolates, La Célestine, and Cycles Peugeot.

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