b. 1967

Gustavo Torres was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1967. He began sculpting at a very young age in Mexico, training with accomplished artists. Torres left Mexico after receiving his BFA to pursue a career in art in the United States. Torres is both a talented visual artist and a master craftsman. Torres’ visual imagery reflects the quiet, deep spirit of an ancient culture.


Torres was mainly influenced by Alberto Giacometti as well as the Nuns of Guadalajara. His experiences while attending a private Catholic school as a child had a great impact on his early art education, and religious symbols were his subjects during these formative years.


Torres’ style is both primitive and abstract and he looks to create a “spiritual balance” in his art. He strives to elevate the human spirit by using primitive and natural forms reminiscent of Mayan and Spanish cultures. Each of his sculptures has the texture of antiquity, and the rough finger work and the carefully chosen patinas convey a worn, earthy presence. Torres believes that “art without spirituality is nothing.” This statement demonstrates his reverence for life and serves as a tribute to the depth of his feelings regarding the mysteries of creation.


Torres describes himself as an old-fashioned sculptor as he uses centuries-old lost-wax casting methods to create bronzes that capture intimate gestures such as the sway of a woman’s hips or a furtive glance. The power of his art is in its spontaneity, simplicity, and tranquility. Torres is an award-winning artist of international acclaim.  His recent sculpture “Momento Rojo” was recently acquired by the Latin American Museum of Art in California.