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To understand Elizabeth DaCosta Ahern’s painting is to understand memory; something half-forgotten and hazy, but that fills you with warmth and the sense of being made whole. Think: the landscape of your childhood home, the joy of a spring day, an old favorite song whose lyrics escape you, but whose tune you can still hum. DaCosta Ahern’s skill was in sharing those fragments of her recollected moments through her distinctive visual language.

Hisako Kobayashi’s canvases unfold before the viewer like deep pools of water. These paintings embody the mystery of the ocean; somehow familiar, yet beyond the scope of human understanding. Her work invites contemplation and reflection, creating a visual sanctuary that speaks to the sublime in its purest state. Kobayashi’s paintings serve as a form of meditation—for the artist as much as for the viewer.

Susan Coley injects a vibrant and infectious energy into the exhibition with her dynamic paintings. While exuding a powerful presence, Susan's works remain nuanced, inviting viewers to unravel layers of emotion and meaning within the energetic brushstrokes. Hers is an artistic practice rooted in psychology and intuition, diving deep into her own psyche in order to explore the universal truths of the world.

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