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Born in Uruguay, highly skilled and inventive Hyperrealist Molinari started painting at a young age. She received her bachelor’s in fine art from the University of Montevideo before moving to Spain and teaching for many years at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Madrid. 


Molinari’s compositions offer the viewer a heightened illusion of reality by emphasizing details and adding intricate elements that are actually invisible to the human eye in real life. She typically starts her painting process by gathering the elements needed to create the composition she has in mind. Once she’s organized her composition to achieve the balance she desires, she takes hundreds of photographs. During this stretch, she must move quickly as, frequently, her subject matter is perishable. From her chosen photograph, she does a lineal drawing on canvas before she begins her painting. To create her Hyperrealist works, she applies oil paint in many layers, depending on their transparencies to create the myriad textures and reflective surfaces of her subjects. 


Molinari’s subject matter includes classic still life elements of vases and bowls of fruit, as well as her highly finished paintings of the reflective surfaces of crumpled Coke cans. Her inspiration is drawn not only from the Old Masters such as Pieter Claesz and Christoffel Van Den Bergh, but also from contemporary sources. Her paintings are included in numerous private collections and have been exhibited around the world, with shows in museums like the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo and the Museum of Fine Arts, Uruguay, the Portland Art Museum, Oregon, the Städtiches Kunstmuseum, Germany, and the Musée Gruerien, Switzerland.  

b. 1956

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