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Sharing rare, captivating and highly collectible works by artists around the world, Martha S. Folsom and Kristine Feeks Hammond passionately lead Galerie d’Orsay on the prestigious first block of Newbury Street.

They represent the works of Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Rembrandt, and Dali alongside such eminent living artists as atmospheric landscape painter Kathy Buist. The directors have created a uniquely vibrant and inspired gallery space. For 23 years they’ve cultivated an eclectic community of seasoned art admirers and newcomers alike.

Clients return time and again to discover the women run gallery’s latest collections. Folsom and Hammond prioritize learning their personal interests and sourcing truly timeless art. “If a visitor is a sports enthusiast, they’ll likely hear (from us) about Richard Erdman’s captivation with line originating from his alpine racing days,” says Hammond. “If they’re a book lover, we may bring out a Picasso portrait of a woman quietly reading.”

Art collecting is a journey, and everyone’s collection tells its own story. These dynamic women warmly welcome all who enter their doors. Folsom explains, “We share our art collection with you in a positive environment, positioning it in the context of art history with our personal perspectives while telling you why each piece you’re drawn to is worthy of your attention and

hard-earned money.”

“We guide collectors toward life-affirming art acquisitions that give them genuine pride of ownership,” says Folsom.

“Our staff far exceeds the expectations of every visitor and collector engaging with us,” says Hammond. “We take what we do very seriously and have an absolute ball while doing it.”

Galerie d’Orsay also offers a robust charitable program, donating artwork to be auctioned by organizations that include Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, Zoo New England, Families First, and the March of Dimes among many other important local and national charities.

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