b. 1952


During the art process, Cozen-Geller looks to capture the emotions of the heart and mind and places them into visual form within space. “This process is a kinetic one for me. It is a journey that begins with a feeling, evolves into a powerful emotion and is then transformed into art. By freezing emotions and placing them into concrete form, I can then sit back and view the strength and meaning that now lies within the piece that has materialized as art. ”

“There are several components that merge together to form my work. The dimensions of the piece along with the color and finish represent the power of the emotion that the piece was born out of. The decision to use sharp angles versus soft curves is determined by the nature of the emotions that are being represented. It is as if the emotions themselves dictate the specifications of how the art is developed.”

Lori Cozen-Geller grew up in Los Angeles, California. Her education includes a BA from the University of Southern California. She lives in Venice, California and works out of her Venice studio. Lori’s first work took shape within hours of her father’s passing in which the artist translated her feelings of love and loss onto a scrap of paper, the blueprint for her first piece of work.

“Although my art is an expression of my own personal feelings, these emotions are universal to all mankind. Human beings share the same emotional palette even though each of us has a differing set of life circumstances. The energy of life is the fuel that ignites my passion to express.”