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b. 1970

Born in 1970 as Angela Wilde in Baden-Wurttenmberg, Angela Sommerhoff is a German Contemporary artist who studied painting and sculpture in Vienna whilst continuing her studies of art history at the University of Vienna. 


Angela Sommerhoff’s paintings strive to evoke “enjoyable emotions or call upon lost memories.” Her current pieces stay away from political themes, and instead focusing on positive feelings and experiences. Her abstract paintings delicately address “the creative core of any human being.” Artists that have had a strong influence on her style include Emil Nolde, Marc Chagall, and Mark Rothko.


Sommerhoff works out of her studio in Bad Tolz, Germany. Her creative process usually starts with listening to Bach violin sonatas. Music, violin especially, was a fundamental part of her childhood. Her experience with art began at six years old when she learned the violin and evolved into painting and sculpting after she graduated high school.  

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